KRP Ventures LLC

Upcoming Changes

If you have been coming to see what I have done, you will notice some changes. I am completely revamping my website. My focus will be on the poetry and drawings as well as the computer games I make. For starters, I am going to put most pages to draft classification as I make the changes. I am not yet sure what the final look will be. I will no longer show off things I have made. My time to make the items I would have been selling is considerably reduced due to health issues. I will continue with the games and the poetry because they are both done on the computer. I am searching for a free pdf software to convert my books to pdf format. I may have to bite the bullet and purchase one. All the free ones I have tried, so far, tell you about all the features but you can not use most of them during the 30 free trial. The closest I came to finding a free one … well, I just had a bad feeling about it though I did check it out.