KRP Ventures LLC

I have many hobbies. I’m only one person and have so little time to even think about adding more hobbies even though there are many that I would like to try. My creative hobbies include knitting, sewing, crocheting, needlepoint, plastic canvas, creating projects using office productivity software, developing computer games for little guys and gals, writing poetry and short stories. I may have left one or two out of that list but only because I haven’t done them in several years. With so many hobbies, it’s a good thing I am a great organizer. Having lived in small spaces for most of my life, I had to be organized or be in a panic when I could not find something.

This site will eventually have links to those hobbies that leave me with items I can sell. It will take time to get it finished and all items added to the appropriate subdomain, so please be patient.

Links to hobby sites are located in the right side bar.